We graduated from Oxford University!



Success story

We did it…

Some 8 months ago, after a highly competitive process, we were invited to join 20 climate related technology startups at This is a global start up accelerator which identifies a number of high potential start ups across a number of streams such as climate, health, space, AI etc – with the intention of helping them scale, get support from the mentors and keep focussed on the key business activities to Build Something Massive (their words..)

After 4 day long events over a number of months, with lots of support from a number of mentors, we graduated this week!! About half of each cohort get to graduate as the process in very Darwinian – through a series of back to back Dragon Dens type pitches at each event, with lots of preparation, the only ventures that progress to the next stage are those that the mentors are willing to put time and effort in mentoring through to the next stage. If no-one supports the venture you are out!!

Fortunately we have had fantastic mentors and the programme staff are amazing.

The last session was last week and we found out this week we have formally graduated.. we are delighted.

On the downslide, however, the programme leadership team advised that, after 5 years, they can’t secure funding so the programme in Oxford will be closing.

This is BY FAR the most effective, meaningful accelerator programme I have come across – if this programme does indeed end it reflects very poorly on how we, in the UK, are supporting early stage high potential companies – some of which could make a difference to the economy and jobs.